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On an awful tragedy, the El Paso Community came together to support the families of those affected. The community demonstrated that even through the hardest times, El Paso is a Familia.

As a tribute, artists from all around El Paso came together to share their beautiful pieces. These pieces of art were all created with passion and gratitude for the community.

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Suncity Rise Artshow #ElPasoStrong
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With all our hearts broken, the city came together as a strong unit and expressed their creativity & solidarity in one night of pure joy.

#El Paso Strong Suncity
#ElPasoStrong suncity
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Explore the creative world around likeminded people! At Aiga El Paso, being a creative is cultivated & success is encouraged.

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This page was built with the most caring thoughts by the team of Bee Hexa Branding. Since we've opened our offices this year at El Paso, we've been working with multiple business and felt the warmth of the community. We hope to meet you!

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El Paso!

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